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Pramitol 25E 32oz Concentrate
Pramitol 25E 32oz Concentrate

Pramitol 25E 32oz Concentrate


Pramitol 25 E will stop weeds from growing because nothing can grow in the soil after spraying this herbicide. Pramitol 25 E Herbicide is a soil sterilant for total vegetation control of weeds in non-crop areas.

As a soil sterilant and total vegetation killer, Pramitol 25 E by Control Solutions kills existing vegetation and prevents plant growth up to 1 year by sterilizing the soil. This is very helpful in areas where you want no weeds or vegetation for a long season, instead of re-treating constantly.

This weed killer is a non-selective herbicide and gives you a whole season of control in the areas of coverage. It is particularly useful for fence lines, around buildings, guardrails, right-of-ways, in places where you want to see no vegetation growth.

Pramitol 25 E is known to control Johnson grass, bindweed and other hard to kill weeds.

Apply before or up to three months after weed emergence. When spraying Pramitol, it is important to spray the soil so it can get to the roots, although it will kill some foliage on contact. You may want to use a glyphosate spray, first to clear out existing vegetation. Much of it's its effectiveness is dependent on rainfall to move it into the root zone. Very dry soil conditions and lack of sufficient rainfall may result in poor weed control.

Pramitol 25 E Features

  • Sterilizes the soil for a year
  • Controls hard to kill Johnson grass and Bindweed
  • One quart treats up to 2,500 square feet
  • Kill annual and perennial weeds
  • Can be applied in water or oil
  • Inhibits plant growth for a year or more
  • Non-selective, so be careful where you spray it.
  • The use of a marking dye would be helpful. Marking dye is a temporary dye added to the herbicide that will show you where you sprayed.