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Audubon bird feeder and Scoop in one!
Audubon bird feeder and Scoop in one!

Audubon 2 Tier Metal Combo Feeder


It's a SCOOP and HOPPER FEEDER in one!

Metal copper 2-Tier combination hopper/scoop seed feeder allows you to feed birds with 2 types of seed at once all with the ease of a scoop feeder. The two-tiered center seed reservoirs come with handles that remove and double as seed scoops for easy filling. Simply turn the handle to the right, fill with seed and turn left to lock back in place. One tier holds sunflower seed and the other holds nyjer. 


* Holds 1 lbs. each of black oil sunflower seed and nyjer
* Watch birds perch & feed from the built-in seed tray
* Removable seed reservoirs that double as a seed scoop
* Use the handles to remove the hoppers for easy filling

Birds attracted to this feeder include Cardinals, Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Bluebirds, and other songbirds.